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It is our pleasure to welcome you to Levity Publishing and the resources, products and conversations designed for enriching your own life experience. Levity Publishing is our vehicle to express our intention of fostering lighthearted, engaged and joyful human beings, to help create a loving and sustainable human culture.

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I Choose: A Life I Love Living

By Maurice Legendre


Are you happy?

Do you want to live a life you love everyday?

What is standing in your way?

Maurice Legendre draws from a lifetime of experience in personal growth focused communities and dedicated personal study. Facing these big questions and distilling them down to their essence, Maurice has cut through the shadows to offer useful techniques and tangible insights for everyday use. Through a unique literary technique the reading becomes the practice and starts the process of breaking old habits almost immediately. Maurice offers his courage to face difficult times and interactions, as well as a passionate enthusiasm for happy living. The pages of this book are an invitation to find the confidence and daring to dream big and build that dream from the inside out. I Choose: A Life I Love Living is a journey towards happiness through self-awareness, self-acceptance and passionate choices.

You are invited to look within, befriend yourself and find the happiness that is waiting for you.

Together we can build a world we love living in.

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”  

~ Brené Brown

How to change patterns

A few months ago I moved into a new situation where the kitchen has a door that is easily slammed. Our upstairs neighbor complains every time it slams. I couldn’t seem to keep from  slamming the door. We tried putting on a door closer to keep it from slamming... read more

setting intentions

Nature has laws, like gravity, that are accepted as part of life. Intentions seem to have similar laws. Intentions are not demands – they are desires. Intentions are a statement of the willingness to put one’s heart into something and let go of the outcome, a... read more

What is “Power with”?

Have you heard the concept of “power with”? This concept has fascinated and inspired me. Our culture portrays dominance and control, “power over”, as the only form of power. This form of acquiring power puts us at odds with each other, limits... read more

Intention for Levity


Levity is a small independent publisher as well as a personal empowerment and self-awareness promoter. As a mother and son working together, we provide contrasting perspectives on this engaging work. It is our great pleasure to share what brought us here, our inspirations and the tools for personal growth we have discovered along the way.

Our books, worthshops and events are invitations to join us in this creation. We take the time to be with, accept and love the full complexity of each individual. We honor our mistakes, struggles and losses as valuable opportunities in our ongoing evolution. We design practices to support our desire to hold gratitude, to be in and share love, to honor who we are in the moment and choose how we want to change.

We are also interested in your journey. What’s worked for you and what have been the challenges you’ve encountered? What are the inspirations that you would like to share with others? Our Community Conversation page has many sections available for personal sharing and community discussions. We invite you to join us in this delightful and challenging journey – to have fun being one’s self and helping create a life that we love to live.

Welcome to the Levity family.

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

~ Marianne Williamson