I Choose

A Life I Love Living

I choose because it is the single greatest power that I possess in this life.

-Maurice Legendre

I Choose; A Life I Love Living

The new book by Maurice Legendre

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Are you happy?

Do you want to live a life you love everyday?

What is standing in your way?

Maurice Legendre draws from a lifetime of experience in personal growth focused communities and dedicated personal study. Facing these big questions and distilling them down to their essence, Maurice has cut through the shadows to offer useful techniques and tangible insights for everyday use. Through a unique literary technique the reading becomes the practice and starts the process of breaking old habits almost immediately. Maurice offers his courage to face difficult times and interactions, as well as a passionate enthusiasm for happy living. The pages of this book are an invitation to find the confidence and daring to dream big and build that dream from the inside out. I Choose: A Life I Love Living is a journey towards happiness through self-awareness, self-acceptance and passionate choices.

“I Choose” is for anyone who wants;

  1. More connection in relationships, friendships and to life in general.
  2. More satisfying communication with friends, co-workers, and family.
  3. Feel in the driver’s seat of the emotional experience, less out of control in intense moments.
  4. Confidence to dream big and achieve those dreams, and feel resilient to fear along the way.
  5. Feel more light-hearted even when conditions feel like problems.


“I Choose” is also for anyone who struggles with;

  1. Making a mistake that feels irreparable. Fear of dreaming big or trying something too big in case it doesn’t work out and the fall would be too great to survive.
  2. Not being able to trust ones self – feeling like there is a stranger inside. Fear of being out of control when one is experiencing strong emotions and choosing how to act.
  3. Not knowing how one feels or how to communicate those feelings. Fearing isolation and disconnection from the people one cares about.
  4. Disappointment. Not feeling heard, appreciated or recognized. Fear of not being who one wants to be.


“I Choose” uses the following techniques to address those difficult challenges.

  1. Maurice establishes a perspective that guides the readers’ experience.
  2. Practices and exercises are used to give inspiration, a place to start and a direction to go in.
  3. The affirmations and literary style unlock the mind to allow for immediate integration and growth.
  4. Using non-judgmental and empowering language, I Choose naturally supports life changes and helps make new choices exciting.
  5. A vocabulary of happiness is presented to give solid examples of words that accelerate success.


With this book, choice becomes a powerful ally on the path of personal satisfaction. Aided by an understanding of how self-awareness, language, support, self-responsibility, clearing, self-empowerment and experimentation are all tools to succeed. Maurice puts together a functional tool kit to build a happy and meaningful life experience one choice at a time.

Want to live a more happy, fulfilling, and loving life? What are you waiting for? The Choice Is Yours!