Levity Publishing

We are dedicated to the Levity mission of helping facilitate open hearted, self-aware, response-able, and compassionate human beings.

What is the Levity Mission?


The Latin foundation for this word is Levis – light in weight. Levity is the opposite of gravity, the tendency to be uplifted.

The dictionary defines Levity as a lack of seriousness, changeable, having an amusing quality and sometimes being “improper.”

We chose Levity in order to learn to be openhearted. We choose to not take things too seriously or rigidly and to not let ourselves get weighed down. We choose to break the convention of “proper” to be authentic and passionately move past cultural norms that perpetuate suffering and destruction. When people can laugh at “improper” times, it is an emotional release and a healing practice.

The Levity mission is to facilitate self-awareness and the ability to respond according to our values and intentions. We continually explore new ways to make this process as light and fun as possible while getting to the depths of our emotional being. Levity endeavors to share imagery, ways of speaking and daily practices that have helped in our development of awareness, acceptance and gratitude for the complexity of our inner world and all of its external manifestations. We endeavor ourselves and encourage others to open their hearts and be vulnerable. Living openheartedly is mighty task that requires us to face fear, insecurity and let go of the shame fostered in our culture. Yet the rewards of this work are unlimited and are the greatest gifts we can give to our mind, body or soul.

Levity is a platform to publish books, produce worthshops and host events to work and play with the dynamics of awareness and choice. The Levity mission is an intention to create an ongoing collaborative process. We welcome any practices, daily rituals or insights that have helped you be more present, aware of and at peace with yourself. Levity also welcomes any questions that help us look deeper into our human experience. Through input we can build the connections that create community. Through community we receive the feedback that helps us refine ourselves. Please feel free to stay connected with us as we, this web site and the community we build evolve.