Levity Worthshops

In addition to written works, we at Levity have developed a style of workshops that we call Levity Worthshops. The aim of these offerings are to help people become more self aware and discover ways to increase their sense of self worth. In these workshops we use non-judgmental language cultivation, metaphor development, intentional interactions, games, movement, breathing exercises and body language observation to explore our emotional state and patterns. Becoming aware of our reactions helps in deciding how we want to relate to others and these workshops aid in choosing how we wish to respond to our inner sensations and others influences. Each Levity Worthshop will approach its topic in a unique way while holding the central intention of lightening the experience of living.

7pm – First mini Worth-shop – Changing the Internal Dialog; Language, Perspective and Judgmental Words.
8:30pm – Second mini Worth-shop – Balancing the Heart; the Dynamics of Love and Fear.
10pm – I Choose – Book Discussion; the history and inspiration behind the pages. Book Q&A.
11pm Third mini Worth-shop- Changing the Internal Dialog; Language, Perspective and Judgmental Words.
12am-1ish Dance Party – Celebrate the book and eachother with music and movement. DJ TBA.

The Upcoming Book Release Party for the book I Choose will also feature several Levity Worth-shops. These workshops will cover several topics on developing skilled interactions.